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(December 11, 2001)

disinformation, aspartame and the ideal gift...

I hadn't been to for a while, and had forgotten how good it is... an article on the dangers of aspartame (nutra-sweet), linked off to this rather scary site (if you've ever drunk diet coke - and yes, Jon I'm talking to you - STOP!)

That was primarily a message to Jon Eccles, not Jon Sullivan whose website is devoted to diet coke:

"I love Diet Coke. Just for the taste of it. I can't stand the syrupiness of regular soft drinks. The new can sucks, but we can't have everything. I find myself drinking several cans a day. I finally had to start going to warehouse stores to buy cases in bulk. A day without Diet Coke just doesn't feel right."

and who knows all about the dangers of aspartame already - "According to these loons, if you drink Diet Coke you will eventually be reduced to a twitching, nauseous, impotant, basket case. Then you'll die of brain cancer. Gee.... Aspartame's been around for a long time (30 years). Why aren't we all dropping dead? BECAUSE IT'S BULLSHIT YOU LOSERS!!!! I just love the way these wackos latch on to a piece of evidence and then run with it, leaving context, other evidence, and all common sense behind "

Even Jon cannot doubt that Diet Coke is less dense than non-diet Coke.

Anyway, browsing through the site (,remember?), I eventually ended up at Global, and from there found this.

Which is what I want for christmas.

posted by snip 16:13
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