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(December 06, 2001)

Mouse Rant....

(Caution: Contains no links and little of interest - unless you live in the Bristol area, have a rodent problem and want some advice on who not to use to kill them).

I'm really pissed off - the mouse problem, which had seemed to go away, got a lot worse yesterday - we saw one in the kitchen and another in Molly's bedroom. S was really freaked out, and I had to get up at 05.20 to check the place was clear before she could get up for her early shift today - I called somebody from the yellow pages - Pronto Pest Services, and a bloke came round, checked the place out and said we had lots of mice, not just a couple. 140 UKP they charged! I hate being ripped off, and I hate the fact that they just exploit people's fear. We could have waited until next week, and environmental health would have come round for free, but the thought of a) S's spiralling phobia, and b) little wet rodent feet scampering over a sleeping Molly meant that wasn't really an option. 140 quid, though. Bastards.

posted by snip 12:12
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