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(December 20, 2001)

selling yourself...

Glenn sent me a link (via the Register) to this QXL page where Kay Hammond is selling herself in order to get a husband:
"I thought that by creating an online auction I would be able to reach as many men as possible and hopefully prove that the Internet is not full of cyber-geeks, there are normal people out there, and I'm looking for one as a husband! "
says Kay, whose grasp of consensus reality if further undermined by the fact that she rates Branson and Gates as her inspiration....

If the bids get too high, hopeful suitors could try CoincidenceDesignwho (for a hefty price) will engineer a meeting "You can't stalk her...." they say, "...but WE CAN!". Nice.

A word of warning...don't mess them about -
"Pranksters: Do not waste our time with false applications. We have a system in place to detect and thwart pranksters at an early stage. Moreover, we will crack down on you, hard and out of proportion, because we do not like being messed with. Remember that you are dealing with former police officers and FBI agents. We have the means to track you down, and we will do so if necessary"

posted by snip 21:43
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