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(January 05, 2002)

more sad boy star wars stuff....

Two people are already queing for Star Wars Episode 2 - which opens in May - as an art project...

"Waiting for Star Wars is an art project designed to capture the evolution and journey of one person's wait for a single event (Star Wars Episode II). It will be captured by time-indexed photographs taken every hour as well as pictures and video of the people we interact with.

This project also explores the issue of the pursuit of happiness. It asks how much will a person sacrifice for a temporary acquisition, and questions whether a person can be happy with just food and shelter in pursuit of that acquisition. It also asks, will society as a whole fear or accept people for not desiring the things they desire, or for desiring things they consider frivilous or ridiculous. Finally, as we move into the next millennium, I wonder if our fast-paced society has become unwilling to slow down and wait for the things that bring us the greatest joy. This wait will test my mettle as I attempt to do just that."

Their website wasn't up and running when I went to look (cutting edge or what!), but they are both members of Seattle Star Wars which has started posting news about the pair. Remember - you saw it here before it was on Newsround!

posted by Unknown 18:35
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