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(January 11, 2002)

on being worthy...(Redux)

I want to be vegan again. Why? - well, ethics aside, since I stopped I've always felt like a lapsed vegan, even when stuffing my face with great greasy lumps of brie and cramming icecream and milkshakes and chocolate and even eggs down my increasingly bloaty head, and now of course I am fat and lapsed so that is also an incentive....and tea with soya milk is just - nicer.

(Incidentally, I didn't realise that Temple Grandin (who is a professor and also autistic and has written extensively on what it is like to be autistic, difficult reading when you work with people who probably experience things in a similar way but are less able to articulate what it's like) was vegan, but it appears from her website that she is quite involved with the whole animal rights thing generally).

And I want to learn Linux. Not just because Microsoft are evil and corrupt, but because I like the idea of Linux, I like the idea of open source stuff, and was quite inspired when I read In the beginning was....the command line, (the new Neal Stephenson book is out March 7, by the way) but when I looked into it it just seemed so - time intensive, and looked - well, a bit scary, to be honest.

And then I came across Redmond Linux - a new distro which isn't aimed at people with time to plough through manual after manual before they can get their printer to work, and instead is aimed at people who can use windows but don't want to have to. Hopefully, it's Intuitive Linux. Linux with a straight forward user interface. Easy Linux. Linux XP. So when the new computer arrives (six days and counting....), I'm going to give it a go - a tentative dual boot set-up to begin with, but then who knows....

posted by Unknown 19:31
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