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(January 04, 2002)

yes, but is it art?....

A new science fiction story by Bruce Sterling and Paul di Fillipo - I don't know if it's any good because I find it impossible to read anything that long on a screen - I will print it out later (roll on digital paper)...

Whilst working out whether online science fiction counts as art or not is fairly straight forward, these are more problematic:

Erinaldo has worked out an interface which can be used by goldfish to drive their robotic fishtanks (no, really) - he calls it augmented fish reality and is a little bit scary...

Eduardo Kac is an "artist" who made/designed/fathered Alba the gfp bunny - gfp standing for green fluorescent protein, as Alba is a transgenic rabbit who glows in the dark. Alba is also subject to a complex legal battle between Kac and the corporation who he employed to "make" Alba - he wants Alba back in the bosem of his otherwise non-GM family, whilst the corporation want him home in the lab...this was featured in Wired ages ago, but has still not been resolved...

Being a science fiction writer must get harder with each passing day....

posted by Unknown 12:47
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