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(February 13, 2002)

Pretty pictures

I'm sure you're all desperately wanting to be told about sites with titles like "If I was a Pop Idol, my name would be ....", but that's tough. If I had the choice I'd make you look at sites about Mozart and Wittgenstein for your own good, but given that we live in liberal times I guess I have to try to tempt you with something.

So, here's some pretty pictures.

Pictures of Earth from space, courtesy of NASA.
Pictures of Mars from space, also courtesy of NASA.
Pictures of nature's glory, courtesy of a man called Troy (why are there so many Americans called Troy, and so few called Byzantium? Very nice site, anyway.

Oh yes, the trivial biographical details you all crave. Today I repaired the puncture on my bicycle twice, and went to Sainsbury's. On leaving I found my front wheel flat yet again, and had to perform emergency surgery on it right there in the car park. It is now flat again.
Did you notice the slight note of petulance in tonight's section? Did you?

Oh yes, here's a lovely nipple
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