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(March 26, 2002)

It's a cultured life, innit?

So, to Wells on Saturday night, for a concert featuring well kown Estonian composer Arvo Part (well known in Estonia, anyway). Not to be confused with Avro part, which might for instance be the tail fin off a Lancaster.

Bizarrely, there was a half hour talk on the works of Mr Part (Part works?), delivered by Mr Dunnett, my old Latin teacher from school, which was a bit of a surprise. It was nice to see him, though, as he was the only teacher in the Classics department who wasn't a sadist, weirdo or complete non-entity (for those of you whose schools specialised in carpentry and ferrets, Classics in this context means Latin, Ancient Greek and Ancient History).

I've just re-read the last sentence to see if I could possibly make it any more snobby and patronising, but actually I don't think I can.

It was clearly a night for the unexpected, and about five minutes in to the concert one of the arms on my glasses snapped, so I was left sat there with the remnants perched delicately on my nose as long as I held my head just so. I went up to say hello to my old teacher, and we had a nice chat, but now the next time he goes back to a school reunion he'll probably be saying "I saw that Eccles kid in Wells, he still looked like a tramp".

Arvo Part? Hard to tell, but if you're not sat on a ferociously uncomfortable chair in a freezing cathedral, concentrating on holding your head just so, probably quite nice.

What, you want links as well? Oh all right, here's a picture of a Lancaster.

posted by Jon 23:07
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