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(March 10, 2002)

Now we're all at it

Jeff says he's invited most of the readership to play, but apparently you don't all know how, so here's a quick summary.

After you have run the link Jeff sent you and signed up, and whenever you log on in the future, you will see a window divided into 2 frames. You can adjust the relative height of the frames by dragging on the middle bar if you want.

I have to adopt a code to type in the following bit, because if I type it in as it is, Blogger will try to interpret it as a command rather than just displaying it, so here are the 2 codes:

When I type £, you type < (Shift-comma)
When I type $, you type > (Shift-full stop)

In the top box, type in these two lines first:

£h1$whatever your title is£/h1$

Obviously, you type in whatever your title is, not the actual text "whatever your title is". Don't laugh, you wouldn't believe the number of assignments I get handed in with "Your name" actually typed in at the top.

The hr bit inserts a line.

Below there, just type in your text. To insert a link, type the following:

£a href="type in URL here"$the bit of text you click on to link£/a$

For instance, here I've typed in £a href=""$here£/a$. Make sure you put in the inverted commas, and the space between a and href=.

Click on the Post button top right, and your text is displayed in easy-to-check format in the second section. Click on Edit at the end of your bit if you want to edit it before you put it out.

Once you're happy with it, click on Publish. If you accidentally click on Publish rather than Edit, you can still go back to Edit, make the changes you want to make and the page will be amended.

Sometimes, your text is displayed on the bottom as one solid paragraph for some reason. When you publish it, all the returns you put in when you typed it in at the top are retained.

You all know the rules of capitalisation, punctuation and spacing. Obey them or I will print out your duff text, mark it and post it to you. You have been warned.

posted by Jon 20:39
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