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(March 17, 2002)

That time of year again

Two weeks to go until the holidays, and two weeks off from teaching people where to click (click on the word "Edit" just there - well that was nearly right ...). Does INSERT look anything like EDIT? Does it? DOES IT?

All the evaluations I get back praise me for my patience. If only they knew.

What actually happens is every term I go a little bit mad just before the end - in prison they call it gate happy. Well, you know how it is just before you come to term, don't you girls? Shit, I've just remembered, it's only the end of the second trimester.

Still, it is very nearly the holidays, and every time I get a fortnight or more off I go back to being normal again and remember all things I like about my job.

It's comforting to know that no matter how mad I get, I'm never going to write a Neo-Nazi review of Lord of the Rings. "If more people took Tolkien's world to heart, this world would be finished". Guess who the orcs represent?

So, Which HTML tag am I? After neo-Nazis, this kind of nonsense is like a refreshing elfish tonic.

posted by Jon 22:36
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