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(July 28, 2002)

I Don't Do Content...

I just do comment. But i've decided to elevate the art by posting my pissed ramblings straight onto the page instead of into that stupid whatever-it-is.

Firstly... here's how to behave if you even suspect that we all might be living in a matrix-style computer simulation.

Secondly, these people either created the brian tindle thing, or reacted pretty fast to it. Either way, i hope they sold enough plates to cover their costs before people realised it was all just a plate shop.

The question of authenticity keeps coming up. Is this the real world or a simulation? Were those christian pants a piss-take? Was that christian erotica a piss-take?

quite early in the brian tindle thread people were posting about whether or not it was real, as well as whatever it was that might or might not be real. He's been described as the new Claire Squire but maybe he's the Monkees to her Beatles? (Not entirely a bad thing).

Even the immortality guy's credentials were questioned. Which didn't bother me, because I've got a cheaper live forever plan: The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that everything that can happen, does happen, in some universe or other. So in some universes I am going to live to be 900 years old if that's at all possible (and if it not then thats the end of that).

But whats the point if you only live to be 900 years old in some possible futures? The point is that in 900 years time they'll be the only possible futures you care about because in all the other possible futures you'll be dead. (And, lets face it, god-bless-their-hearts and all that, but frankly the dead don't seem to give a fuck about anything as far as i can tell, the Losers.). The same holds for 9000 years, and 9 million. You'll exist in less and less possible universes, but a) they'll still be the only ones you care about and b) things might have picked up by then.

You don't even have to wait 900 years to see if it works. People are trying to build quantum computers right now. If they work, it will be by harnessing the power of the gazzillion copies of themselves that exist in next-door universes. If they don't work, it will be because there are no next-door universes, because only one thing that can happen does happen, in which case maybe you'll live to be 900, but probably you won't.

posted by Simon 02:32
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