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(August 03, 2002)

Clergy abuse tracker

I was rather hoping for a website devoted to the abuse of clergy, but it turns out to be a list of stories about abuse by them, which is much less entertaining (although obviously an issue of great importance deserving of our earnest attention blah blah).

In the hope of finding another easy laugh, I typed "Anti-American" into Google, and got the Canadian World Domination conspiracy, which you have to admit would be an improvement.

All the other sites listed seem to be either right-wing sites accusing liberals of being anti-American or liberal sites denying it. Don't bother reading them, as they're too lame for words. Aren't rednecks horrid, and aren't most Americans rednecks? Oh I'm sorry, have I said that before?

My entry for Simon's competition (see It's Competition Time! below) is to challenge everyone to find the best site which thinks anti-Americanism is a good thing.

My second entry is to get you all to go to the baby doll red site Ronnie linked to yesterday, borrow one of the more redneck images, and edit it in Photoshop or some such to make something of an altogether different timbre. Perhaps we could mail her the winner.

Can we have the comments boxes back? Oh, suddenly they are. Was that me or you, Jeff?

Incidentally, a techie query. If I'm writing a post while logged on as me at Blogger, what happens if you log on simultaneously as you? Can we see each other's entries if we hit Post, even if we haven't yet hit publish?

posted by Jon 20:23
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