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(August 05, 2002)

Competition Update

What kind of a competition is so out-of-the-blue that it must be the invention of an insane genius, and yet so obvious that once you've seen it you can't imagine a world without it?

What kind of a competition makes you laugh out loud every time you think of it, and then punch yourself in the face for not thinking of it yourself?

What kind of a competition is capable of mesmerising the world not just for fifteen minutes, but possibly for as long as fifteen days?

If you know the answer, please mail it to the AAN think-of-a-competition competition, putting "WINNING ENTRY" in the subject line so I don't have to read the others.

If you don't know the answer but can think of a competition idea which could at least be detected (however faintly) by a tricorder tuned to the above criteria then send that along instead, just in case the insane genius doesn't show.

No offense to the folks - three of you as of twenty minutes ago! - who have already made suggestions but you weren't really trying very hard were you? (Please don't tell me you were). I mean, they were OK, as suggestions go, but suggestions belong in a suggestions box, not in a prestigious international competition where excellence is both expected and rewarded.

posted by Simon 23:06
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