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(August 01, 2002)

Its Competition Time!

The World Cup is over. Big Brother is over. And the National Lottery is just too difficult to predict. Its time for a competition we can call our own.

But I can't think of a good one.

So that's the task in competition number 1: Think of a good task for competition number 2.

The winner's prize will be to see their competition actually conducted on these very pages and, as if that wasn't enough, will also receive an item of junk from my junk room.

Entries should be emailed to simon bibble. People who found this page by accident and don't know who the hell any of us are are particularly encouraged to enter.

The decision of the judge (ie me) is final. Mum, sorry, but you can't enter. Closing date is flexible. Correspondence may or may not be entered into: it depends on the circumstances. The further away you live from my house, the lighter the junk prize will be, and the closer you live the heavier it will be (Glenn, Sylvie: Watch Out). No, if you don't already know where my house is, I'm not going to tell you. For taxation purposes (if this applies where you live) the junk prize should be considered as having negative value.

posted by Simon 23:48
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