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(August 20, 2002)

Of Intifada games, the pornographic subtext of Bob the builder and other such matters...

Been on holiday - it rained, it was sunny, it rained again...we all had a nice time though. Before I went, I posted the link to the Taliban site...there was meant to be more, but my life outside intruded and the thread was lost, and it has taken some time to regain...I spent some time hanging around islamic youth chat sites, to see if they were as full of antisemetic bile as had been suggested. It turns out, they were mainly concerned about about girls and computer games (moslem youth being identical to every other youth) - no hate, very little politics at all (which was good and slightly disappointing)...having said that, the game that people were keenest on was called Underash, a first person shoot-em up starring Ahmed: "Ahmad is the hero and the main character which moves the axis of the story. He is 19 years old. He was born during the Israeli invasion of South Lebanon in 1982. He belongs to Jerusalem through his father and grandfather, with average height, harmonious body (!) inclining a lot to slenderness, black haired and habitually composed. He is from Jerusalem. He wants to live peacefully despite the oppression he is exposed to every day. He lives on his land as if he were stranger, and feels as if he were always rejected. Nonetheless, he is peaceful. He is aware of the fact that he lives as a second class citizen in a state whose racialism is devouring its body. He naturally refuses violence. He could be slightly coward, for he is a normal human" seems to be more about wish fulfillment than recruitment, contrasting with the explicit sign-em up America's Army.

Other stuff that has caught my eye whilst my significant others are away: Stand up pissing lessons for girls...

Keep fit for very scary people...

the problem with good manners...


search google anonymously (if you want to know why this is desirable, they explain it here)...

theme park theme days for goths...

rather beautiful robot sculptures...

...and finally, the secret life of Bob.

Too much time on my hands...I'm going to kill some germans now in Medal of Honour.

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