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(October 19, 2002)

Fat update

I thought you'd like to know how I've been getting on. Well, I was down to a new low of 87.0 kg this morning, a total loss of 9.4kg, or 13 stone 11 lbs and about 4 oz short of a stone and a half for the pre-industrialists among you.

Try this for a mental exercise. Go into your supermarket and pick up 9 bags of sugar and a tin of beans. Imagine lugging that lot around with you all the time, plus everything else you need in life. I wonder why I feel more energised these days.

It's great. It's much like the feeling of liberation you get from walking around naked, without the resulting frostbite and social embarrassment. Especially when Jeff makes jokes about how there's a man called Ahab looking for you with a harpoon.

I'd just got out of the bath, in case you were wondering. In the shared house where I lived with Jeff and his ex-girlfriend.

I'm not defending Jeff against the imputation of gayness, which would be a matter of indifference to him. I'm defending him against the imputation of fat-loving, which would cut him to the quick.

Anyway, it's going very well. The rate of loss has slowed, but that's normal. I have about one crap day a fortnight, and they're still better than a good day would have been in the old days. I'm still eating mainly grains, pulses, fruit and vegetables, with the emphasis on protein to facilitate muscle building on the days when I'm cycling a lot, and veg on the other days.

I'm losing about 2kg a month (1lb a week), which will see me out of the official overweight zone by Christmas. Just in time to put it all back on again.

One small caveat - I've often found self-improvement to be a fragile flower, and this morning was the first frost. We'll see how I'm doing in January before I declare the war won.

posted by Jon 12:57
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