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(November 25, 2002)

crap blogger...and competition news...

I have this .txt file on the desktop that I cut and paste links to ready for's getting a bit full, so I'm going to empty it. Prepare for randomality...

Quake as performance art...

Amerikka the brave, land of the free, bans air travel for dissidents...

Punk aerobics...

A long time ago, I sat in the mall with Simon or Glenn or both, discussing what could be done with the place apres le (la?) there is a contest for what to do with dead malls - maybe the swimming pool idea is one whose time has come...

No link with this one - I'm on the british transhumanist sociaty's mailing list and recently someone sent round a note suggesting some transhumanist representation on this would be good -


BBC1 Kilroy is recording a programme about ageing. We are looking for
people to come on and join in the discussion:-

Are you 25 – 35 scared of growing old?
Do you hate the idea of being an 'old person'
Are you worried about losing your looks?
What are you doing to try and maintain your youth whether you are
what's your secret?
Can you be old and sexy?
Would you consider plastic surgery?
What would you stop at to make yourself look young?

CALL Laura NOW ON 0207 893 7887

We are recording the programme on the afternoon of Thursday 22nd
November at Teddington Studios. We would send a chauffeur to you
within the M25. We would need you to be available from 4pm-7.30pm We
have child care facilities plus travel and expenses are paid and

I thought that was very funny, poor old JKS with his forehead veins throbbing at the idea of the, the hubris of it all...anyway, I missed the programme - did anyone catch it? were there any fucked-up cyber geeks disturbing the usual "ooh, my boyfriend has left me - for my mum" ambience?

playmobil tarot cards...

dead soldier cult...

strange quarks hit Earth...

So there you go, some stuff that caught my eye. Now for the new bit...

The BBC's Great Britons has finished, and nominations are now open for the REAL greatest britons - closing date is December 01, and a poll will then appear to the left. All nominations will be included, and there will be a (small and distance related) prize for the person who first nominated the eventual you go then.

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