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(November 30, 2002)

Jon's new competition

I would like to start a new competition for the greatest non-British figure in British history - you know, all the people you wanted to vote for as Greatest Briton and then suddenly you realised you couldn't.

I would like to nominate the Emperor Hadrian, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Marx and Eric Cantona.

Judgement will be made partly on the personal qualities of the individual you nominate and partly on the originality of the means by which you choose to inform me of your nomination. Write their name in the sky, for instance, and you almost certainly win whoever you choose.

The winner will receive a book, of my choice but selected to please the winner, delivered to their home address through the auspices of the Amazon book company.

Weight update: Still losing about 50g a day, and I'm now down to about 86 kg. I say about because my weight varies by at least a kilogram from one morning to the next, and I first greet a new weight about three weeks before I finally bid goodbye to it. My lowest was 85.6 kg last Sunday.

My first experience of stepping on the scales and not being told that I'm overweight for my height may just come before Christmas, but otherwise(and bearing in mind the way Christmas usually is) it will probably be about the middle of January.
posted by Jon 21:38
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