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(January 11, 2003)

but seriously, folks...

" Into the final days of the government's Great ID Card
Consultation - and the Home Office couldn't be more excited.
Lord Falconer continues to tell everyone who'll listen that
over 1500 people have responded, and the majority of them
were extremely positive on the idea.

Now, given that they're proposing a massive IT project to
introduce a universal identifier for all citizens, with a
centralised database of personal details, kept accurate by
making a new crime of withholding your current address from
the government - well, we can't help but think that more
people would a bit squeamish on the principle.

And maybe they were. DAN BLANCHARD described what happened
when he mailed the HO saying that he didn't think ID cards
were necessary. Back came the reply from the Home Office:
"Thank you for your e-mail of 13th December in support of
the introduction of an entitlement/identity card scheme."

Now, we're not saying that something fishy is going on here.
Although, obviously, yes we are *implying* it. So to
double-check the government, and test the accuracy of the
Lord Falconometer, the STAND folk have set up an easy-to-use
web form for those wanting to express their discontent (mild
or otherwise) with the Entitlement Card scheme. STAND'll
keep count of the number of contributions (in a giant,
centralised database of biometric - nah, just kidding), and
then compare that to the results that come from Lord
Falconer next time. We're hoping to get close to the 1500
entries already noted, perhaps even top it (that's only
about 0.1 of a slashdotting after all). Because if the
government can't even keep their database of an simple
e-mail consultation straight, maybe they shouldn't be
trusted with a universal database after all."

(From NTK....the link to stand takes you to the customisable form, and for a few seconds more you can then fax your MP)

posted by Unknown 10:01
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