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(January 12, 2003)

"Find out the Truth!" ...

Is your wife or girlfriend faithful? Test her with...Sex Detect, and then you can sleep in peace (and if she finds you sneaking around, stealing her knickers and testing them for stranger's sperm, you can sleep in peace in your new single bed in your new bedsit)...

An illustrative example of the dangers of veering towards even slightly assuming that Other People are Not Stupid...

Is it real or is it photoshop? - no, not more Kate Winslett, an online quiz that asks you to weigh up the veracity of various pictures....I'm going to spoil it slightly by pointing out that the incredible picture of a plane breaking the sound barrier is real...

Sublime Ice Sculptures...

Article about Cory Doctorow's new novel,(a novel which is available to download in it's entirety) - article contains the marvellous quote "It's a great strategy so long as print-on-paper is easier to read than pixels-on-plasma...I think it's a fine idea for the next 20 minutes or so"...

One for Simon, mainly: black box recordings to listen to at your own leisure...

The economic cost of Freecell...

Tonight, Moll objected to eating her peas and carrots on the grounds that she had eaten a vitamin tablet earlier...god help us if she finds out about these.

That's all.

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