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(January 26, 2003)

Remember Kronsdat!...

(Content Warning: not just a list of links to entertaining websites; may contain opinions)

I had been avoiding posting any political or war related stuff on the grounds that it will be ubiqitous soon enough, but there a few things I want to share...

In our window, I put a poster from (on the off chance that Dick Cheney might be on his way to the Spar for some Tennants Super and might spot it, the snappy slogan ("And you thought he was pro-life" with a picture of the US C in C doffing a cowboy hat revealing the absence of brain within) catching his eye and making him think "Gee, so did I" and he might then wander down to the phonebox opposite the Greenbank and call the whole thing off - a long shot I know, but worth a go) - anyway yesterday there was a knock on the door and whilst it was not Dick Cheney, it WAS a member of the Stop the War Coalition. And he looked (and I do apologise for what was a snap judgement aboout someone who seemed perfectly nice and sincere) like a Socialist Worker.

So is the Stop the War Coalition and SWP front? Talking about it the pub whilst looking at an Official Poster , the circumstantial evidence seems substantial - it has that Shouty font the SWP love so much; there is a "...And freedom for Palestine" tagline under the main STOP THE WAR!!! bit, which whilst obviously an admirable sentiment is so blatently just slipped in; they do co-opt *everything* (and there was another reason but I'm a bit hungover and can't remember). The SWP don't figure in the official list of groups in the coalition, and I suppose that just being a Trotskyist twat doesn't mean you can't be an antiwar Trotskyist Twat (not that the man who came round seemed a twat - as I said, he seemed perfectly nice - the Twat thing is just a crass generalisation) but if anyone has any hard evidence of their shadowy involvement I would like to know...

On a related but disimilar theme, the movement for political accountability has taken a rather surreal twist.Bloggerhead has been campaigning for an email address for Tony Blair - this was promised and not delivered (What? a broken promise from New Labour?). Bloggerhead has a novel strategy for forcing the PM's hand - Blair Porn. He is going to keep churning out increasing hardcore photoshopped Tonys in a variety of compromising positions until he buckles under. Class.

In other news, some american woman made a lego church for her cat. Her cat then died. The End.

posted by Unknown 11:54
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