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(February 26, 2003)

Bible slash and other stuff...

Crazed redneck christians and their 8 CD set on curing homosexuality through Jesus:

"The 6-1/2 hour audio series and book includes: The Testimony of Christian Recording Artist Stephen Bennett * Understanding Homosexuality - Are You Born That Way? How Does It Begin? * Healing Homosexuality - Complete Change is Completely Possible! * Preventing Homosexuality in Your Child * The Warning Signs and 'Red Flags' of Homosexuality * My Child I Love is 'Gay' - The Cry of a Parent's Broken Heart * Marriage & A Spouse Struggling with Same Sex Attractions * Homosexuality & The Bible: What Does God Say? * A Mother's Testimony: A Mom, Her Lesbian Daughter, Her Pain & Hope * Plus Much, Much More..."...

More crazed christian rednecks, this time Fasting for the W...

...and the mother of my children wonders why I am unhappy about my firstborn going to Brownies and promising to love God...still, there is loving your God and Loving your God...Bible slash is even better than X-Men Slash!

The American government, as part of it's War on Terror has an official website which shows what to do When Terrorists Attack, a kind of Protect and Survive thing (remember that? no? then you are probably currently having apocalyptic nightmares for the first time - us old people had them in the eighties as well. Apart from Simon)...anyway, there is a rather lovely parody here...

In the most tasteless bid to raise money for Charideee since Dawn French tongued Jonathon Ross (or was that another apocalyptic dream?) March to War are running a book on when hostlities start - for five dollars you get to pick a time when war will start and if yours is the closest guess, you win 20% of the pot (in petrol tokens) - the rest goes to humanitarian aid for the iraqui civilians who will inevitably be maimed and wounded.

On a more cheerful note, a mail thief has to stand outside a post office with a sign around his neck denouncing him as such. Sharia by the back door?

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