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(April 02, 2003)

you're free as a roaring tide, so there's no need to hide...

Simon is the winner of the competition, because as he rightly points out "and the world still astounds you" is of course from Born Free...Simon. I'll sort out your prize forthwith.

The KLF did a version of Born Free for their never released White Room OST album...until somebody tells me to stop or (as is more likely) I need the room, you can download it from here. (Right click on link and then "Save Target as..."). Simon's prize is a CD of Bastard Pop stuff, and this does all link up because the KLF (sort of) invented Bastard Pop, just like they (sort of) invented everything else interesting that has happened in the last 15 years - sampling, nu-metal (yes they did, look at America - What time is Love?), new country (the White Room), ice cream van chic - the list goes on - and on 1987 - What the fuck is going on? they mashed up whole tracks (Hey Hey we're the Monkees and Dancing Queen) and made something new and fresh from them - and so Bastard Pop was born.

Mu Mu...

posted by Unknown 21:19
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