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(September 29, 2003)

(mainly) not safe for work...

...not because there are any porn links here (unless you count the japanese aid for lazy onanists), but because if your boss is looking over your shoulder, s/he may conclude you are a dirty islamo-commie with a taste for drug induced selfmutilation and ageing indie rockers. You have been warned.

On the interweb, no-one knows your'e a pixie...

Top 25 censored stories of 02/03...

Bizarre Wankel engine...

Just say No (to cutting off your own penis and tongue whilst off your face on hallucinogenic homebrew)...

The winner of "The most phallic building in the world" contest...

The online encyclopaedia of propaganda...

Lastly, a word about things that are bad and wrong.

The bareminged Silvstedt link no longer works, so I apologise if you (like a frighteningly large number of other people) have come here looking for that, but why not see what else is here - it won't make you sticky, but it may keep you entertained...

Secondly I was browsing through the referrer stats again. I don't know whether I was more disturbed by the fact that someone stumbled across "Accidents aren't naughty" whilst looking for Eel Porn, or that we were ranked 41 out of 7000 links on Anguilliform sex. And now I've mentioned it, we will probably climb higher in the longfish fiddlers link stats.
posted by Unknown 10:40
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