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(November 08, 2003)

art/stupid names catch-up...

Takashi Murakami is a rather cool japanese artist, in a kind of Jeff Koons/Chapman bros/anime kind of's some links about him:

Wired Article

Interview (sample quote:"I guess Miyazaki ((Japanese murderer who videoed his victims)) was a loser because he lacked the critical ability of accumulating enormous information in order to survive and win at a debate among otaku. His collection of otaku goods was not so great, either. The primary reason that I want to represent otaku culture comes from the public ignorance of otaku; most people dislike otaku because they have no access to information on otaku. I am one of the losers who failed to become an otaku king. Only a person who has a superb memory in order to win at a debate can become a king of otaku. Since I didn’t have that ability, I became an artist. ")

Some of his work...

...and some more...

End of Murakami stuff - but staying on art, guess who is on the front page of the arts council website? (Related: Paintings "in the style of" on ebay)

ok, now some random stuff:

One for Jon - The Anarchist Soccer Network...

Cool Toy...

Home made Landmines...

B3ta are going all out for Stupid and/or rude real names - some examples:

Randy Bumgardner vs Randy Bender...

The might "What did they call you at school?" Peter Cockhead...

Would you buy engineering services off a firm called Cumming Cockburn? Nope, thought not.

That's all.

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