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(November 29, 2003)

Blacksmoke, fish farts, bad music (and the inevitable Fleshbot link)...

Blacksmoke are Jimmy Caulty's new band. They're rather can get their mp3 ep here, and in a rather unusual marketing move, you can get a Blacksmoke gasmask here. (Incidentally, I made a song using some of "Fuck the fucking fuckers" (one of the ep tracks); it went down like the North Tower of the WTC - typical comments:"that is quite possibly the worst thing i have ever heard" (thedigitalpunkz), "quite possibly the worst bootleg i've ever heard!" (essexboy) and "urgh, take it down, save your bandwidth...I do hate it " (Churchill). I think it's rather fine (if a bit messy) and you can get it here).

I've always been reluctant to post too much rude stuff here, (partly because it feels like jumping the shark and partly in case my mum stumble across this), but can't resist linking to Fleshbot, THE internet resource for all your sleaze/Paris Hilton/cgi-gay-merman-porn news. Obviously, it's NSFW, but it's also frequently WTF. In a kind of similar vein, check out the fascinatingBelle de Jour, the online diary of a London Call Girl. It's well written, thoughtful and funny but with enough grit and yuck to make it bookmarkable.

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