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(November 07, 2003)

quick royal gossip post...

I will post properly soon, but thought you might like to know what the Italian papers (well, Il Nuovo anyway) are saying about Prince Charles (the things your'e not allowed to know)...

unfortunately, my italian is no good, so this translation comes courtesy of babelfish, which gives it a rather unique charm of it's own. The sense leaks out depite itself, once you realise that Prince Carl=Prince Charles and the reference to Deep Throat is - well, you'll see...

"LONDON - day, in those of City, than not us scappi one scandal. Real, obviously. In short, here the facts: prince Carl, second that deep throat that answers to name of Paul Burrell, former waiter of Diana, would be from years the companion of games, erotici obviously, its trusts butler Michael Fawcett. To null they are been worth the refutation that piovono from court: the English press is in full load subbuglio, and all make the court to Burrell, author dell?ultimo book on the scappatelle of its former landlady Lady Diana, in order to reveal piccanti anecdotes. Accusations that, some weight must have, inasmuch as from Clarence House, yesterday evening, has been quite circulated an official notice and sir Peat, the impettito secretary of Carl, is appeared also in the tv in order ribadire: And? all false. Nevertheless Burrell, hides an ace in the sleeve: a secret tape, recorded from Diana between the end of 1995 and the beginning of 1996, that George Smith would show the testimony dell?ex valletto, which it supports of to have been very violentato two times from a dependent of Real Palace. Employee that, a beautiful morning of some year makes, the same Smith found to bed, sweetly addormentato, between the arms of Carl. "false E' all" has replied Carl "and whichever thing I have made, beh... I have not made it" I have declared. Somewhat cloudy justifications for its height and, therefore, the eyes of all remain head to you at those damned tape. That, it watches case, to knowledge where is found it is just I trust Burrell that it threatens to spiattellare all in a best seller from ennesime the colossal pullings... "

Anyone who has a better translation, please post them in the comments box
posted by Unknown 19:41
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