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(May 11, 2004)

eep, indeed...

Someone on b3ta just posted a link to this matched pair of weblogs, by an ex-husband and wife with - erm, issues...

He's rather worried about animals - not the ordinary ones, they're, the one's he is worried about are the government surveillance animals. He made a poster:

Like any reasonable person faced with such a threat, he started to fight back, killing stuff...and then the the guilt started:

("When I did fall asleep around 5am this morning I had a dream that was super realistic - it was terrible. I was in the woods by my house and being chased by the ghosts of all the animals I have got rid of. They chased me to my hut and began to break down the walls and door - "please let me in, please let me in" they shouted. Little stoats with legs hangin off, flies with only one wing, rabbits still with the nooses from snares around their necks, all manner of creature was there even a big owl with an arrow protruding from its forehead just like the one I shot the other day.

They got through the doors and wall, came into the house and pinned me down - then they started biting at my flesh, taking great dirty gulps, scoffin me down until all that was left was my head, then the stoat came and jumped into my mouth and started burrowing down my throat with the fen trap still attached to it's tail")

You can find his weblog here:Manzillworld.

On the face of it, her weblog is a little more rational, a little less creative. But read on, and you soon realise all is not quite's an excerpt:

"I rememebr singing this song when I was packing my bags to move out from my ex-husband's house.
I'd just spent a few hours filling all the electrical appliancies in the house with water, cutting the crotch out of all his trousers,
moving all the furniture out into the garden and attaching a sign saying 'Take me I'm Free', and filling his fish pond with creasote.
I swapped the Smash for Weedkiller put signs in local phone boxes offering his man to man services and phoned the police tipping them off that he was the serial killer who had killed 9 women, to finish off I dumped a box of knives covered with pig's blood in the lounge, and stuck all the newspaer headlines to the wall with the pictures of the women and more random pictures to pretend that they were the new ones he was stalking.
Then I phoned the police and hid in the park opposite to see what happened. It was great.

They came and put him in a car, they took bags and bags of evidence away, I went to see him and he was crying I told them I didn't know him
and went back to the house and set fire to it. He still hasn't recovered, and there's nothing left of the house, I think it's importanty that he learns a lesson: Next Time Sirus, don't say that my art work is just bad art therapy, then maybe I wouldn't have to hurt you."

You can find it here: Jan Manzil...

posted by Unknown 15:29
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